08 August 2012

MC for my school's Mini-Concet

With my gorgeous best friend, Nina Simpson

With my little sis, Ninie. We love to do that sexy face lol

I'm in the high-end Fashion mode and he's fun playing around like a little naughty child

 Love the color of my CS!!

What I'm wearing : Suit is from Korea. Grey Shirt is from Zara. Belt is from Louis Vuitton, Pants are from Zara. My bag is from Cambridge Satchel.

Before becoming this Gorgeous MC's costume, I had other one which I thought it looks nice but my mum told me to dress it up for her consider and only one judge out of her mouth was 'No!' then she drag me to Shopping Store and bought me all new. Goshhhhh, She's my Fabulous stylist. Love you momm <3